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8 Best Fake Boyfriends And Girlfriends In TV/Film

Fake it till you make it, right?

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2. George Glass

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Poor Jan. So desperate. So underwhelming. Especially when compared to Marcia.


6. Sofia Reyes's fiance

During the first season of Ugly Betty, Sofia Reyes, (Read: Salma Hayek), pretended to have a fake man in her life.

Why? All for the sake of journalism! She wanted to trap Daniel into marrying her so that she'd have a cover story for the release of her magazine. "From Fling to Ring in 80 Days" was the title, and it was damn entertaining to watch.

7. Jimmy's fake girlfriend

We all have someone we'd like to make jealous, right? Same with Jimmy in Raising Hope, who pretended to have a relationship in order to make Sabrina jealous.

8. Bianca

Yes, even Ryan Gosling needs to pretend to have a lady to love sometimes. That's where Bianca, the doll/girlfriend in Lars and the Real Girl, gets shipped in. Hey, whatever works!

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