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32 Feelings All Women Will Remember

#NSFB: Not Safe For Boys.

1. The really weird FOMO when all your friends get their periods first and you aren't yet aware that it is an evil monthly catastrophe.

Authentic Entertainment / Via

2. The intense sense of dread the first time you got your period.

FOX / Via

Is that a lot?! Is it supposed to look like this!? It's in my UNDERWEAR.

3. And the utter horror of having one or more people say to you immediately after, "You're becoming a woman!"


PARTICULARLY if it's your father.

4. Cramps. Terrible, unfair cramps.

5. The distress of trying to figure out how to use a tampon for the first time.

FOX / Via

And every time, really.

6. The unintentional rivalry when someone else has boobs before you do.

Revolution Studios / Via

7. Then you get exactly what you wanted, and you're equal parts horrified and transfixed every time you see them.

New Line Cinema / Via

8. The frustration of realizing that sports bras are actually more supportive than regular bras.

Sports bras are like duct tape for your melons, whereas a bra is like a supportive hand that only makes them bounce more.

9. Until you run in that sports bra and realize that no fabric can REALLY hold your boobs.

10. Self-loathing whenever anyone in your family acknowledges you've hit puberty.

Channel Productions / Via

11. Exasperation when your friends got frenched or fingered or any sort of sexual experience for the first time and you didn't.

You were basically like... DA FUCK IS THIS.

12. The indescribable joy of discovering your clitoris.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

Cue "A Whole New World," please.

13. The often misguided curiosity that comes when you first start to play with and wear makeup.

Channel 4 / Via

14. The shame/excitement of your first bra.

Jockey AAA!

15. The first time you try to shave your legs, and you are utterly convinced that you are going to cut yourself to ribbons.

16. And the anxiety of being waxed for the first time, and realizing you may have to be waxed again and again.

NBC / Via


17. The glorious day (much later in life) when you discover you don't HAVE to shave anything, because it's your body.

And sometimes it's winter. Also, who cares?

18. Pretending to be a grown-up whenever you wear high heels. Even as a grown-up.

19. The first time you visit the gynecologist and leave feeling as if you've made a terrible wrong turn.

Brownstone Productions (III) / Via

Why speculums, WHY?!

20. When you're forced to have some kind of sex talk and realize that YOUR VAGINA may have to push out a baby someday.

21. Wondering whether or not your parents know you're having sex yet, and if it will ever be acknowledged, even though you're living with your S.O. now.


22. The exquisite joy of having your first mani-pedi.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dcmetroblogger

And the joy that continues each time you get a new one.

23. The literal pain in the ass that is a THONG.

24. The shock of having your skirt fly up on a windy day when you're wearing said thong.

Spyglass Entertainment

Of course you KNEW that was a possibility, but still... why?!

25. The warm and fuzzy feelings each time you hang out with your girlfriends. / Via Fuzzy Bunny Films (I)

26. When you have a boyfriend, but aren't really sure how exactly to "be sexy."

27. The crushing panic of possibly being pregnant.

United Artists / Via

28. Which starts even if your period is only a day late.

Touchstone Television

And even if you haven't had sex in months and it's physically impossible.

29. The intense level of annoyance when you get catcalled for the first time.


30. The feeling of being patronized by a man for the first time.

31. The accomplishment of taking down one of those dipshits.

NBC / Via

32. Being drunk with power when you realize that, as a woman, you are the most wonderful thing to ever grace this Earth.

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