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26 Amazing Gifts To Empower Little Girls

I'm a grown woman, and I still want some of these.

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3. Invest in GoldieBlox to build spatial skills, engineering principles, and confidence in problem-solving, as low as $19.99

There are a few different models to choose from, all of which come with a fun activity book and the building blocks she'll need to create her own designs. (Or her own parade floats, in this case.)


4. Calling all future architects: Meet the Roylco Straws and Connectors building kit, $14.89

Want your gal to be able to build a house? How about a fort? Maybe even a spacecraft?! Then these ingenious connectors and heavy, colorful straws should do the trick. The flexible design allows her to create complex shapes, so she can start to form the building blocks to her big goals.

5. The product, "Big Bag of Science," is pretty much just as it sounds: a magical bag filled with tons of experiments for your gal, $33.23

Over 70 experiments come with this kit, and cool extras like test tubes, a magnifying glass, gravity goo powder, and Insta-Snow powder, make things a lot of fun for young scientists and parents.

6. Give her the power to BUILD ROBOTS, $15.95

That's right. You can give your wee one the power to build their own robot with this fun game. Not only will it tap into her creativity, but it might just spark her desire to learn more about science.

7. Inspire her creativity while reminding her about being environmentally conscious with these 100% recycled star crayons, $8.95

The pack comes with 20 star shaped, solid color crayons, and will remind your gal that recycling is easy and fun.


8. Jump-start her ability to build with a Connectagons set, $29.98

Your little girl can come up with her own unique designs, thanks to this simple and super-fun construction set. Each octagonal shape comes with a connector, so she can choose how her finished product looks and functions.

9. Give her a doll she can really aspire to be like: Amelia Earhart, $29.99

It's not just that fact that Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and the United States, but she was also a pioneer of women's rights. The Earhart doll comes with an educational book, plus awesome accessories like a working pocket compass.

11. Give her the space she needs to be the next great artist, $92.99

The Deluxe Art Master Desk includes a large workspace, a whiteboard with a dry eraser, and plenty of compartments to store all of her much needed art supplies.


12. Help her learn about engineering and alternative energy with the award-winning Snap Circuits kit, $47.89

Look, the world needs more female engineers, because women are awesome, and I want them creating things to improve my life.

The Alternative Energy Kit, with over 125 projects to build, can help channel their inner engineer. Please make this happen, for my future's sake.

15. Get her a Deluxe Roominate so that she can design, build, wire, and decorate her own unique interactive room, 49.99

So, Roominate is way more than your ordinary set of blocks. This kit comes with wooden building pieces and circuit components, that way she can explore how she wants each fixture to function, and actually give life to her creation.


17. Have her create her own story with these Mystery in the Forest creative story cards, $9.95

The picture cards encourage kids to create their own world, characters, and plots, so that they can understand the fine art of storytelling. This series is also the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Award, because it comes with so many developmental benefits.

18. Get her thinking about big causes with this vegan tee, $19.99

OK, so maybe some of you don't care about the circus, but maybe she will. This tee is not only environmentally friendly, but let's her express her anti-animal cruelty feelings.

19. Help her appreciate the master painters with this coloring book of great paintings by women, $4.66

There are thirty works for your gal to appreciate, and they range from conventional portraits, landscapes, and still life's, by artists like Frida Kahlo, Grandma Moses, Mary Cassatt, Berthe Morisot, and more.


20. Tap into her adventurous side with this safari backpack, $29.90

We all know that backpacks are important in every kid's life. So, why not give them one that's safari themed to inspire a little wanderlust? This design is 100% quilted cotton, machine washable, and also comes in other cool designs, like robots, sports, and monkeys.

21. Have her grown her own meat-eating plants with a carnivorous terrarium, $15.39

There's a certain power in knowing you can give something life. For your little girl, she might get drunk on the power of seeing her first Venus flytrap come to life. But, hey, every great future leader needs to know their own strength, right? Plus, this terrarium comes with decals and "bog buddies," so she can even design it to her heart's content.


24. Get her excited about health and science with a medical bag, $12.75

Even if it's just pretend medicine, this kit includes a working stethoscope (yes, it really works!), spring-loaded syringe, a blood pressure cuff with a spinning gauge, a thermometer, pretend otoscope, and a bracelet style bandage.

25. Show her how to get creative with homemade play dough, Scented Play Dough, $15

The play dough is scented (think Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie, etc.), comes in reusable tubs, and is a perfect way to show little girls the creative power that they hold in their hands.

And if you're looking for even more girl-empowering toys, head over to the gift guide at A Mighty Girl. Their guide features over 200 toys for babies, kids, and teens, which are all sortable by age and theme.

Girl power!