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    21 People Who Are Living Life To The Fullest

    Because life's too short to not wear a tiara. Truly inspiring.

    1. The park ranger who realized that his thighs should be closer to nature.

    2. The man who spared no expense on his epic ride.

    3. The genius who made Pringles an art form.

    4. The superhero who's no longer afraid of revealing his true identity.

    5. The girl who knows that she's got the hottest tail in town.

    6. This epic human being who's just living the American dream.

    7. This dog who decided that life's too short to follow all the rules.

    8. The people who figured out how to throw the best blizzard party ever.

    9. This employee of the month.

    10. The man who has better things to do than properly install a hammock.

    11. The high school student who knows life is too beautiful to put into words.

    12. The grandpa who knows how to make himself laugh, if nothing else.

    13. The thrill seekers who know how to multitask.

    14. Whoever is eating fries, pizza, burgers, and chicken nuggets for dinner.

    Dang boo, hook a girl up!

    15. The dude who tamed dolphins to become Aquaman.

    16. These epic Spider-Man fans.

    17. The kid who just bought himself a hot new ride to go with his killer shades.

    Too kewl for cool.

    18. The dog who's finally letting her fur down so she can dance it out.

    19. The dude who got this awesome glow-in-the-dark Yoda tat.

    20. The professor who's skateboarding to his next class.

    21. And the guy who turned a public library into his own personal fort.

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