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How To Not Give A Fuck, As Told By Cersei Lannister

For all those with zero fucks to give.

1. Don't ever hesitate when it comes to putting other people in their place.

2. And after you do, walk the fuck away.

3. You don't always have to say, "Fuck off" — sometimes one cocked eyebrow can do it for you.

4. Or destroying something meaningful at JUST the right moment.

5. If someone's story is tired as fuck...

Let them know.

6. Drink as much damn wine as you damn well want.

7. When it comes to letting your S.O. know how you feel, opt for brutal honesty.

8. Use the word "interesting" when you want to describe someone you hate.

9. Before telling someone to GET GONE, make sure they know exactly why.


10. Never forget the most important person in this world: you.

11. Being ladylike is extremely overrated.

12. Also? Don't be afraid to be forceful with your messages.

13. Half of not giving a fuck is where you choose to add periods.

14. The gods gave you hands for a reason, and that reason is to slap.

15. And when you don't feel like slapping, a pointed insult will do the trick.

16. When you threaten someone, bring armed backup.

17. If you don't have time for someone else's bullshit, let them know.

18. And don't forget to not give a fuck even when you smile.

19. Because sometimes your zero fucks smile will be the most effective weapon. (See what I mean?)