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    16 Fancy Gifts For Book Nerds

    Need something nifty for the bookish person in your life that isn't, well, a book? We've got some ideas.

    1. Book with Bass

    2. Shoulder Swag

    3. Warming Words

    4. Total Charmer

    5. Eau de Library

    6. Plant Yourself...

    7. Witchcraft

    8. Keep Your Books Close

    9. Baby Got Books

    10. Elementary Sophistication

    11. You Know What Time It Is

    12. Defining Frame

    13. Jane Austen Tea Towel

    14. Travel in Bookish Style

    15. Muggles Need Not Apply

    16. Alone with Your Books


    In case you want to buy any of these, you can find the product at the source link!