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    10 Reasons Why No One Can Top A "Princess Bride" Wedding

    When a princess decides to marry the farm boy love of her life, it's the most magical thing ever.

    If we've learned anything from The Princess Bride it's this: true love doesn't happen everyday. Same goes for a Buttercup and Westley cosplay wedding.

    1. The wedding photos include a sword and Dread Pirate Roberts costume.

    2. The guests can drink Bottle of Wits wine, which is exactly one million times tastier than normal wine. (Though laced with Iocaine powder.)

    Here's a close-up on those bottles, so you can relish the full awesomeness.

    3. Miracle Max and Inigo Montoya can serve as groomsmen.

    4. And if you have a "Princess Bride" wedding, the officiant can dress as Peter Cook's character.

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    5. Plus, you can greet guests with this sign.

    6. After the ceremony, you and your Westley can ride off into the sunset on a white horse, just as they did in the film.

    7. Or have the most fantastic cake of all time!

    8. The wedding can also feature little hidden gems, like this edition of "The Princess Bride" for photo opps.

    9. And the guests can feast on Fezzik-approved peanuts.

    10. Or go home with one of these witty tea towels, which we can all agree are significantly better than the disappointing chocolates at most weddings.

    We're just glad there weren't any Rodents Of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.) at these ceremonies. Congrats to all the Buttercups and Westley's out there!