21 Sandmen Who Will Restore Your Faith In Summer

    Do you want to build a sandman?

    1. "Oh, you melt in the sun?"

    2. "I bask in it."

    3. "I'm a little sandman short and stout, basking in the sun is what I'm all about."

    4. "This is me just chilling at the beach."

    5. "Well, you know, not actually chilling because I'm really warm."

    6. "And I'm happy! What a beautiful day to be outside!"

    7. "I'm really loving scarves right now."

    8. "But just as an accessory."

    9. "Obviously, it's too warm for a REAL scarf."

    10. "A beach fedora always works nicely though."

    11. "Or seashell buttons."

    12. "I'm also loving what the salt water has done to my hair."

    13. "And, ah, the sound of the ocean is just so soothing."

    14. "We decided to leave the kids at home and go on a romantic tropical vacation."

    15. "Sunbathing really is a favorite pastime for all of us."

    16. "The surf is lookin' great today."

    17. "Melting into this warm and cozy sand is fine with me."

    18. "You don't wear sunglasses?"

    19. "We have to...OUR LIVES ARE JUST SO BRIGHT."

    20. "We get tons of Vitamin D."

    21. "Look, I'm pretending to be Frosty!"

    Get out while you still can, snowmen.