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Hey, Teachers: What's The Most Thoughtful Gift You've Ever Received?

Do you actually get apples...?

Bravo, teachers!

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Whether elementary school...

Fuse / Getty Images


Andresr / Getty Images

Or somewhere in between...

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You are amazing.

Moodboard / Getty Images

So, how have students thanked you?

Did one write a heartfelt note that you've held onto?

Draganajokmanovic / Getty Images

Maybe a student made you something that they ~ just knew~ you would love?

Chrisbrignell / Getty Images

Or appealed to your sweet tooth?

Nuiiko / Getty Images

We want to know! Tell us (and show us if you have a pic!): what's the most thoughtful gift you've ever received from a student?

Pyansetia2008 / Getty Images

Awards and badges will be given to the best submissions.

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