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19 Seriously Smart Tips To Up Your Instagram Game

I'd double-tap that.

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2. Download the Look Birdy app if you're frequently Instagramming kids or pets.

Choose from different chirping noises to go off when you're about to take a photo and say hello to getting your little subjects attention (for maybe the first time)! Get it here.


4. Use the grid feature to help compose your shots.

On your iPhone, go to Settings, select Photos & Camera, and slide the Grid feature on. Then start practicing the Rule of Thirds.

7. Stop using the front-facing camera for selfies.

It's convenient, yes, but the rear-facing camera (the one on the back of your phone) takes pictures at a way higher resolution. Bye-bye, grainy images.


8. Utilize your earbuds for more than just music.

Alanna Okun / Via BuzzFeed

Plug them in, open the camera app, and press the “up” volume button to snap pics. It’s a great tool if you’re using a tripod too.

10. If you're 'gramming food frequently, consider the FoodShareFilter app.

For just $1 to download, you're supporting the fight against world hunger. Get it here.

11. If the lighting can't easily be fixed, try black and white.

Sports Illustrated photographer Brad Mangin suggests converting a picture to black and white in low-light situations.


16. Be consistent in what and how you're posting.

Especially if you're looking to gain more followers, people like being able to gauge what your page is about pretty quickly. Treat your Instagram like a curated collection of your life.

18. Stand on a chair to take foodie 'grams.

You can fit more of those amazing brunch plates in the shot and rest assured your photos won't come out like these.

19. Follow @Instagram and participate in their #projects.

If Instagram takes notice of your account and adds you to their "suggested users list" get ready for thousands of new followers.