Someone Needs To Tell Martha Stewart Her Food Tweets Are Disgusting

Warning: Gross food photography ahead.

1. Domestic goddess Martha Stewart is grossing people out on Twitter with her ugly-looking food.

7. Even the meals the 72-year-old isn’t cooking herself are weirding out her followers.

10. Pretty sure this is how penicillin was discovered.

12. Just try looking at this for more than three seconds without spewing.

14. Seriously, what is happening here?

17. Your bad photography makes this look like a tower of pus-covered raw meat.

20. No.

23. There goes my gag reflex.

26. *Gagging*

28. But maybe her followers are just “uncultured.”

34. For the love of God, Martha, leave the food photos to the professionals.

37. And keep being an OG.

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