29 Yankee Candles That Make No Scents

    Pun definitely intended.

    Listen, I like nice smelling candles as much as the next person.

    There are few things as comforting as lightin' up a scented candle on a rainy day, closing my eyes, and pretending I don't live in a tiny sad apartment. I can get down with the cinnamon, the apple, the lemon, the lavender scents. I'll even let fresh cotton slide. But Yankee Candle has been straight up CLOWNING on us with scent names recently. I will not sit idly by and allow this affront to my s( c )en( t )sibilities.

    1. "Cozy By The Fire"

    2. "Bundle Up"

    3. "Amber Moon"

    4. "Angel's Wings"

    5. "Beautiful Day"

    6. "Celebrate!"

    7. "Cherries On Snow"

    8. "Christmas at the Beach"

    9. "Christmas Eve"

    10. "Feliz Navidad"

    11. "Cream Colored Ponies"

    12. "DO RE MI"

    13. "Drift Away"

    14. "Evening Air"

    15. "Early Sunrise"

    16. "Jack Frost"

    17. "Loves Me, Loves Me Not"

    18. "Midnight Blue"

    19. "Nostalgic Snow"

    20. "North Pole"

    21. "Sailing"

    22. "Soft Blanket"

    23. "Storm Watch"

    24. "Summer Dreams"

    25. "Winter Glow"

    26. "Turquoise Sky"

    27. "Whiskers On Kittens"

    28. "Warm Woolen Mittens"

    29. "Windblown"