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Why No One Should Mess With The Ocean

Stick to pools.

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What we do know is that the pressure is so intense, no human* could make it even a quarter of the way down without THIS happening to their body:

*Unless you're James Cameron and you can afford to build a pressure-resistant robot to take you to the bottom of the ocean.


Since there is no sunlight at the very bottom of the ocean, there are no plants. So nearly everything down there preys on FLESH.


Here are starfish ravaging a whale carcass. Remember when starfish were cute? Me neither.


It's a frickin' hellscape down there. There are vents of boiling-hot sulfuric acid that would take your face clean off your skull.

And creepy little organisms live in those vents! Because ocean critters don't give a fuck about anything!

And there are little to no standards of reality. For example, this is a barreleye:

And those tennis balls of goop you see through its transparent head are its EYES. (The black dots are nostrils; Lord have mercy.)