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    What It's Like Working In An Office During Flu Season

    ♪ It's the most wonderful time of the year. ♫

    When you hear there's a cold going around the office and you know no one is safe:

    When the person who sits next to you seems particularly sneezy:

    When a co-worker you thought you trusted reveals they've had a fever all week but they "just had too much work to do":

    When it suddenly seems like all social interaction is just an excuse for someone to get you sick:

    When your boss sends a "Remember: If you're sick, USE A SICK DAY :)" email:

    When you go hard on the hand sanitizer, just to be on the safe side:

    When that sneezy employee is mysteriously absent the next day:

    When anyone makes an unscheduled stop at your cube:

    When you feel that first throat tickle and you know it's just a matter of time before it gets you:

    When you hold in a cough during a meeting so no one will suspect you of anything:

    When you raid the office supply cabinet for all of the Airborne on earth:

    When you wake up one day and realize IT GOT YOU:

    When you call your managers to let them know you're one of them:

    When your manager's only reaction to your illness is "STAY HOME" and you feel like a quarantined leper:

    And when you come back to the office days later, immune and unafraid: