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18 Times Cory And Topanga Set The Relationship Bar Way, Way Too High

We're all doomed.

1. When Topanga gave Cory the most iconic first kiss in the history of young love.

2. When Cory acted like Topanga eating pizza was more amazing than a sunset, or the Grand Canyon, or a sunset over the Grand Canyon.

3. When Cory knew the exact right thing to say. HOW? YOU ARE A TEENAGE BOY.

4. When they had the most organic engagement of all time. OF ALL TIME.

5. When Cory's persistence was endearing and perfect and just the right amount of awkward.

6. When they basically summed up what love is in two tiny sentences.

7. When Cory called their relationship a frickin' "masterpiece."

8. When Topanga invented #relationshipgoals.

9. When Cory defined devotion.

10. When they somehow made butts romantic.

11. When they were the only high schoolers to ever look at each other like this.

12. When they somehow made fighting cute.

13. When they looked like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

14. When they made everyone long for forever.

15. When Cory possessed the relationship wisdom of a 90-year-old man.

16. When Cory spoke these words with his whole mind, body, and soul.

17. And Topanga said this with hers:

18. And when Cory said this and a million teenage hearts broke because they knew they'd never be on the receiving end of such poetry.

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