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27 Warm And Fuzzy Moments Captured On Camera

Warning: Your heart may or may not burst.

1. These two toddlers who had never met before, but decided to hug it out in the middle of an airport terminal.

2. This young stranger who offered to help an elderly man to his destination.

3. This police officer who stopped to help a limping dog safely cross the street in the rain.

4. This rushed airport traveler who cut the line then thought better of it.

5. These bald dolls on a store shelf that were created to raise awareness and offer solidarity to cancer patients.

6. These two little strangers that spontaneously started holding hands in line.

7. These emergency paramedics treating a house cat.

8. This dry-cleaning service that is not out to make a buck.

9. This Israeli/Iranian couple.

10. This gas station that values its customers.

11. This anonymous benefactor.

12. This shy hug-seeker.

13. This unlikely pair of best friends.

14. This photo of Randall Cobb telling a Marine, "I think I'm a bigger fan of yours!" before signing an autograph.

15. This anonymous donor.

16. This father who came all the way from Iraq to surprise his daughter during her marching band performance.

17. This homeless man who's going to wake up to a breakfast surprise.

18. This guy who uses his lunch hour to read books to a man who cannot.

19. This generous person who saw an opportunity to turn an unfortunate situation into a good one.

20. This person who took the time to stick these notes on 600 lockers.

21. This touching father/son photo.

22. This free snack just because.

23. These people who stopped traffic to help a mother duck and her ducklings safely cross a busy intersection.

24. The bus passenger who took off his shoes and gave them to this homeless man.

25. This man, Arnulfo Castorena, winning his first medal for Mexico in the Paralympics.

26. This picture that proves peace knows no boundaries.

27. This picture of all of us, together.