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    Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    19 Times You Feel Like You Have Super Powers

    Or maybe you really do have super powers. Hmmm...

    1. When you walk up to automatic doors and open them with your MIND.

    2. When you put your contacts in and suddenly you can see in HD.

    3. When you walk up to your subway platform right as the train arrives because you're psychic, obviously.

    4. When being in a pool gives you super strength.

    5. When you get off the treadmill and you feel like you're moving at twice the speed of a normal human.

    6. When you finish lifting weights and everything you pick up feels incredibly light.

    7. When you pick up your phone just as it starts ringing because you have a ~PSYCHIC CONNECTION~

    New Line Cinema

    8. When you stop the microwave right before it beeps and it feels like you dismantled a bomb.

    9. When you catch something breakable right before it hits the ground.

    10. When you say something at the exact time as your friend.

    Columbia Pictures

    11. When you're singing a song and then turn on the radio and IT'S ON.

    12. When someone hands you a jar that they can't open and pop — shit opens right up.

    13. When you start talking in a crowded room and everyone shuts up at once.

    14. When you jump off a swing and it feels like you're flying.

    15. When you successfully catch the subway doors and pry them back open like The Hulk.

    (Imagine the opposite of this).

    16. When you control your pet's actions without even speaking.

    17. When your sports team wins because YOU WILLED IT TO!

    18. Pretty much whenever you're around a small child with a limited understanding of the universe.

    19. Or whenever you wear your cape around town.

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