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    12 Times Stephen Colbert America'd Harder Than Everyone Else

    Colbert is the truest American hero.

    1. The time he wrote us a new tourism slogan:

    2. That time he made out with a grizzly bear:

    3. When he said this not untrue thing about America:

    4. When he dressed up like a founding father and did a little freedom jig:

    5. When he told the rest of the world what they can do:

    6. When he shimmied in the name of liberty:

    7. When he let us know it's OK to be proud of our country:

    8. When he rocked this flag swag:

    9. When he skateboarded down a hallway waving an American flag:

    10. When he spoke for an entire nation:

    11. When he fist-bumped a bald eagle:

    12. And when he dropped this knowledge bomb: