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Updated on Mar 6, 2019. Posted on Jan 28, 2018

22 Pics That Prove Nature Is Scary AF

*Stays inside forever*

1. These wasps built a nest around an abandoned baby doll because nightmares are real, people:

2. This tree got struck by lightning and starting burning from THE INSIDE OUT:

3. Imagine this: You're a penguin, and this is the last thing you see before you die.

4. This may look like a harmless little leaf but it's actually a living, breathing bug:

5. Spider silk is stronger than you think. WHAT ELSE IS IT CAPABLE OF HOLDING?

6. These fire ants turned themselves into a floating island to survive a flood:

7. This deer is shedding the velvet from his antlers, but it looks like something out of a horror film:

8. This storm is equal parts sneaky and scary:

9. This is a damn LAVAFALL (lava waterfall):

10. This frog bested a spider:

11. These ants are bringing home a feast:

12. But don't worry, this lizard is getting his revenge on the insect world:

13. This lake is living dangerously close to the edge:

14. These bricks are basically putty in the hands of the powerful ocean:

15. This freaking SNAKE caught a nice dinner:

16. This abandoned road is being taken back by nature:

17. Someone took a couple bites of this stingray for dinner:

18. This frog refuses to be food:

19. Water could kill us all if it chose to:

20. Whatever this owl caught never even saw her coming:

21. These snapdragons look like human skulls when they dry out:

22. And this fish exists:


The animal in #7 is a deer. An earlier version of this post said it was an elk.

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