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13 Times Bob Ross Dropped Serious Zen Wisdom On Your Brain

Was this show about painting? Coulda fooled me.

1. That time he gently reminded you that you run da world.

2. When he gave you the strength to make it to Friday.

3. When he forgave you for all your terrible exes.

4. When he clued you in that happiness is right outside your door, if you can take a second to pause your TV binge.

5. When he allowed you to buy that moose rug from Ikea, because fuck it, it's your house.

6. When he reminded you to squash the haters.

7. When he hit you with some serious yin-yang shit.

8. That time he allowed you to forget how much you hate your upstairs neighbors and just lose yourself completely in a 30-by-40-inch square.

9. When he let you know the only thing stopping you from having your own talk show is YOU.

10. That time he persuaded you to not be so damn cynical all the time.

11. When he let you in on the little secret that you're not the only one who gets FOMO.

12. That time he subtly reminded you to reflect on your childhood. When was the last time you called your mom?

13. When he instilled this can-do attitude directly into your brain folds.

BONUS: Here's Bob Ross and a baby raccoon, because you've earned it.

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