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    30 Thrift Store Scores That'll Make You Never Want To Shop Anywhere Else

    Brb, running to the thrift store!!!

    1. This cool af cat lamp:

    2. A Ramen soup packet sweatshirt:

    3. This incredible wizard stein:

    4. A block of wood with 5,000 coats of paint made by some guy named Pete:

    5. A mounted T-Rex head:

    6. A Jeff Gordon Crock Pot:

    7. A funky moose sweater:

    8. This amazing Steve Irwin cutout, perfect for pranks:

    9. This hunky mug:

    10. A Toy Story fanfic keychain:

    11. This embroidered hat:

    12. This adorable cat family:

    13. A freaking FEATHER TIE:

    14. A prescription flask:

    15. A Futurama watch:

    16. The fishing hat that will end all fishing hats:

    17. A Michael Cera snow globe:

    18. A purrfect vest:

    19. A portrait of a cat with an olive on his head:

    20. A snack stand menu board customized with some guy named Daniel's house rules:

    21. A gargoyle toilet paper dispenser:

    22. Kool-Aid brand kicks:

    23. This confusing film:

    24. A very cute painting of a very cute dog:

    25. This sneaky flask:

    26. A business sloth shirt:

    27. HANDERPANTS?!:

    28. A protrait of hot Jesus:

    29. A literal sperm bank:

    30. And fancy red Solo cups: