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29 Things The U.K. Does That The U.S. Needs To Start Doing

Get it together, America.

1. Mixing beer with cider.

2. Taking four weeks' paid vacation

3. Incorporating Yorkshire pudding in our dinners.

4. Cursing on TV after 9 p.m.

5. Eating biscuits (cookies) with coffee or tea.

6. Celebrating bank holidays

7. Embracing "wet cakes," like trifle.

8. Legally drinking at 18.

9. Watching Peep Show.

10. The ability to buy alcohol at any hour of the night.

11. Seeing boobs in the news.

12. Lax open-container laws.

13. Greggs

14. Using a coin system that makes sense.

15. Castles

16. Donkey rides on the beach.

17. Eating fries with curry sauce.

18. Cheese rolling

19. Offering the full English breakfast as a menu option.

20. Speaking with dat accent.

21. Throwing parades that don't suck.

22. Signs that notify you when the next train is coming.

23. Accepting a range of ideologies.

24. Shopping at markets.

25. Writing the date in a way that makes logical sense.

26. Embracing the comedy of Monty Python.

27. Free museums that are actually free.

28. Offering affordable tuition fees (or FREE tuition, like in Scotland).

29. Producing people who look like this: