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15 Things That Look Like Cookie Monster For Some Reason


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1. I have spent a lot of time on the internet professionally and personally and I have come across a phenomenon: A lot of things look like Cookie Monster.

2. These lasagna noodles look like Cookie Monster:

3. This fountain looks like (a very sad) Cookie Monster:

4. Literally just a mat and some rolls of paper look like Cookie Monster:

5. There are Cookie Monsters in rivers:

6. There are Cookie Monsters in rocks:

7. There are even Cookie Monsters at the cellular level:

Schwann cells in non myelinated nerves look like the Cookie Monster. - #science and cookies Credits: @IHeartHisto

8. There's a Cookie Monster here:

9. There's a Cookie Monster there:

10. There's a Cookie Monster ev 👏 ery 👏 where 👏.

11. Turn around right now! There may be a Cookie Monster behind you!

12. Cookie Monsters in the woods:

13. Cookie monsters in your food:

14. Cookie monsters in your very own backyard:

15. There are even Cookie Monsters ... very close to your butt?

Beware!!! / Via Sesame Workshop

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