30 Things Rock Climbers Love

    Besides rock climbing. That's a given.

    1. Waking up at ungodly hours.

    2. Comparing calluses.

    3. Shoe shopping.

    4. Being in touch with nature.

    5. Alex Honnold.


    6. Fingering deep cracks.

    And grabbing big jugs!

    7. Using words that sound dirty but aren't.


    9. Debating the advantages of laces versus velcro shoes.

    10. Blowing an entire paycheck on gear.

    11. Being chalky.

    12. Calling people gumbies.

    13. Figuring out their own beta.

    14. Surviving on a diet of pure protein.

    15. Giving their mothers heart attacks when they see pictures from their last climbing trip.

    16. Having a favorite type of rock.

    17. Discovering new climbing areas.

    18. Creatively naming routes.

    19. Slacklining on rest days.

    20. Taping things.

    21. Climbing things that aren't rocks.

    22. Complimenting a well-dressed knot.

    23. Flashing.

    24. On-siting.

    25. Always being prepared.

    26. Collecting scrapes and bruises.

    27. Stretching.

    28. Craft beers.

    29. Their climbing partner.

    30. Taking in a well-earned sunset after a long day.