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18 Things People Who Live Alone Will Never Understand

Roommates are great!!!! Until they come home.

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1. When your roommate's alarm wakes you up but they're sleeping right through it:


2. When you bump into each other first thing in the morning and you're not ready for human interaction:

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3. When they're somehow always in your way:

4. When you're having a bad day and every little thing they do is the most annoying thing in the world:

5. When you have to get territorial about your food:

6. But then they eat it anyway:

7. When relationships are destroyed over the sink:

8. When you make the mistake of peeking into their room:

9. When it seems like everything they do is wrong, wrong, so very wrong:

10. When they walk in on you doing ~private things~.

11. When you can write an ethnography on the extent of human laziness:

12. When you hear them sneeze through the wall and you wonder what unholy things they've heard:


13. When you get passive-aggressive about whose turn it is to buy the milk:

14. When your shower has a carpet:

15. When people are over and you can't leave your room:

16. When your roommate and their partner are being ~loud~ late at night:

17. When they ask you to take care of something they could easily do:

18. And when you're doing your best to keep the peace:

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