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19 Things People Looked Like At The Grammys

So many ~lewks~, so little time.

1. CeeLo Green looked like a sentient Oscar trophy.

2. Katy Perry looked like Babette from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Mike Posner looked like the Joker.

4. Halsey looked like T-Boz in the "Creep" video.

5. And Mya kinda looked like Left Eye.

6. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum looked like the night sky, duh.

7. Sophie Beem looked like a silver dollar plant.

8. Elle King looked like a beautiful rose garden.

9. Daya looked like a sexy lampshade.

10. Betsey Johnson looked like Janice the Muppet.

11. Girl Crush looked like a Barbie cake that someone dropped in the ball pit at McDonald's.

12. Blue Ivy looked like Prince!!!!!!

13. Lady Gaga looked like the coolest fucking sea urchin who ever lived.

14. Charlie XCX looked like a Valentine.

15. Kat Graham looked like the flag of the North German Confederation in 1866.

16. Bruno Mars had some vague Sailor Moon vibes going on.

17. Cassadee Pope looked like a gorgeous ball of tinfoil.

18. Skylar Grey looked like the morning light breaking through vertical blinds.

19. And Beyoncé looked like a nondenominational deity.