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    21 Things Literally Every Single Person Alive Has Experienced

    We are all connected.

    1. The disappearing paycheck:

    2. The thankless labor:

    3. The fear:

    4. The righteous indignation:

    5. The struggle:

    6. The sweet victory!

    7. The sleuthing:

    8. The panic:

    9. The limelight:

    10. The auditory destruction:

    11. The FOMO:

    12. The embarrassment:

    13. The discomfort!

    14. The senseless procrastination:

    15. The ghost sounds:

    16. The brave face:

    17. The shame:

    im self conscious about my windshield wiper speed when it’s raining. like i gotta watch other cars to make sure im not being too dramatic

    18. The black hole of time:

    19. The heartbreak:

    20. The frustration:

    21. And, of course, the leg cramps:

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