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19 Things All Middle Children Know Too Well

Because the middle of the sandwich is always the best...therapy patient.

1. You remember the exact moment everything changed in your life.

Your younger sibling was born, which meant you were no longer the angelic baby of the family.

You were the forgotten middle child.

2. You were always old enough to help out with the chores.

3. But too young to run with the big boys.

4. Being in the middle, you had to learn to resolve conflict when you were just a tot.

5. Yet you always seemed to be the object of ridicule.

6. "Taking turns" usually meant "watching your siblings have fun."

7. You weren't above taking desperate measures to get attention.

8. You always insisted on doing things your own way.

9. You wore your individuality on your sleeve, because otherwise no one would notice.

10. You made it a point to pick hobbies that made you stand out from your siblings.

11. And you always committed yourself to whatever activity you chose 110%.

12. You got used to being an afterthought pretty quickly.

13. You realized you could get away with more because your parents' attention was elsewhere.

14. You became very comfortable in your own skin at a very young age.

15. But you were never comfortable in the backseat. How that hump haunts your rump.

16. Maybe you got left behind at a rest stop once or twice, but it taught you to be tough.

17. Because not being the center of attention all the time can be a good thing.

18. And, if you think about it, your atypical childhood is the reason you're such a fearless, well-adjusted adult.

19. So be proud, middle child. You are a mighty unicorn among sheep.