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19 Things Girl Who Are Always Cold Understand

Shivering from November to April.

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1. First thing's first: WINTER IS THE WORST. / Via Sirens Media

2. Once it starts getting cold, you live full time under a blanket.

3. And when people invite you to do ~fun winter activities~ you're like, um, no thank you very much.

4. If you are forced into the outside world, you will never, ever look cute. You will look like a baked potato covered in bubble wrap.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

5. But it doesn't matter! Because no matter how much you wear you're always f r e e z i n g.

6. Like you could literally be on fire and still be cold.

Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

7. So you spend your time living from heat source to heat source.

8. And taking skin-scalding showers.

9. And blowdrying your hair waaay longer than you need to.

10. Nothing. Helps. / Via Broadway Video

11. You feel lucky that the tights-under-jeans trend is catching on, because you'd have two frigid legcicles without that trick.

12. Another trick: not shaving anything. Body hair = warmth!

13. Cuz Lorde knows the second you shave, your goosebumps are going to sabotage you.

14. Yes, the best defense is to stay wrapped in a sweater near a fire inside a house until April. / Via Disney-ABC Domestic Television

15. Because it's 👏 not 👏 safe 👏 out 👏 there 👏. / Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

16. Stay in bed.

17. Slather on the chapstick.

HIM: isn't wintertime just so romantic ME (smiles & my lips crack open & blood starts pouring down my chin): oh definitely

18. Stick your hands in a bowl of just-cooked mashed potatoes. / Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

19. And tell your loved ones you'll see them in spring.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

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