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21 Things All Best Friends Will Understand

Acquaintances need not apply.

1. When someone says something that reminds you both of an inside joke:

2. When they have to go somewhere boring without you:

3. When you borrow each other's stuff so much you're not even sure what belongs to who anymore:


4. When you have to go back to your house after hanging out all day:

5. When you meet your best friend's other friend:

Disney-ABC Domestic Television

6. When you get into a teeny-tiny fight:

7. When you know memories are more important than personal safety:

8. When your best friend is giving a presentation:

9. When you catch them talking to a person YOU KNOW they know you hate:

Twitter: @jonathanj1414 / Via Codeblack Entertainment / Comedy Central Films / Hartbeat Productions / Usual Suspects Productions

10. When you can't stop singing their praises to everyone you meet:

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

11. When your best friend starts dating someone:

12. When they post a selfie and there aren't enough likes in the world to show your appreciation:

13. When you have to go to a party without them:

14. When you have to do ANYTHING without them:

15. When someone criticizes them and it takes every fiber of your being to remain calm.

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16. When someone tries to act like they know more about your BFF than you do: / Via Fremantle Media North America

17. When you see them talking to their crush:

Disney-ABC Domestic Television

18. When they go on vacation:

Twitter: @cakeseyyy / Via MTV Viacom

19. When you're prouder of their accomplishments than your own:

Twitter: @youngbenji_ / Via Lexington Herald-Leader/

20. When you'd do literally anything for them:

21. And finally, when someone tries to call your best friend their best friend:

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