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These Ithaca College Students Don't Speak African

And they want you to know that neither does anyone else.

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A group of students from Ithaca College created a photo campaign called "The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype" in an effort to dispel misconceptions about Africa.


The idea is simple: combine declarative statements about the continent of Africa with portraits of members of their group, IC African Student Association.

The declarative statements on the photos represent very real stereotypes these students have faced in their day to day life from "their colleagues and professors on campus," a representative told BuzzFeed.


The group hopes to target "Anyone who is willing to learn and listen" with their campaign.


So far the campaign has received "primarily good and supportive" feedback and some unexpected momentum: The photos were featured on CNN and have gone viral on Tumblr.

The group hopes to continue to "create awareness about the African continent and its rich cultures" through its work.


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