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The Secret Best Parts Of Being In A Relationship That No One Ever Talks About

Sure, sure, sure. The "love" part is cool. But not as cool as having someone look at that weird mole on your butt.

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1. You always have someone around who will tell you if there's something in your teeth. / Via / Paramount Pictures

2. They will let you know if your outfit looks good (it always does.)

3. They help you decide when you need a doctor and when you're overreacting. / Via New Line Cinema

4. Rent is way, way more afforable. / Via / Paramount Pictures

5. You always have a built-in date for weddings.

ABC Studios / Via

6. You can use them as an excuse to get out of going to things.

7. And when you're at an event, leaving is less awkward when you have someone to do it with.

8. You can showcase your weirdest talents to them. / Via Buena Vista Pictures

9. If you ask them really nicely they'll help you apply ointments to the areas you can't reach.

10. You always have someone who cares if you get home safely after a night of partying.

11. You don't have to keep it a secret that you're actually crazy. They like that about you. / Via 20th Television

12. Scratching your back is not a thing that takes multiple objects and weird angles anymore.

13. It's much easier cooking for two.

14. They can monitor the parts of you that you can't see in a mirror.

15. When you're sick they make you soup and buy you tissues and it makes being sick less shitty. / Via Frederator Studios / Cartoon Network Studios

16. Splurging on a cab is less of a big deal since it's always half the price. / Via Paramount Pictures

17. When it's cold out you can snuggle up to them and steal their warmth.

18. Even when you're not doing anything on a Saturday night, you have someone to do it with. / Via Screen Gems

19. And sometimes they even let you finish their fries.

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