People Are Mourning David Bowie On Twitter And It's Both Moving And Heartbreaking

    "Take a step back and look at the high water mark for what is possible for an artist to accomplish in a human lifetime."


    I loved David Bowie because you knew if it was OK for him to be David Bowie it was just fine to be yourself


    If you're ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.


    Take a step back and look at the high water mark for what it's possible for an artist to accomplish in a human lifetime


    I think everybody would be immensely relieved if every Bowie thinkpiece was just the words "THIS SUCKS" followed by some great Youtubes.


    Today, in honor of David Bowie, please take a little time to work on that weird thing you secretly create, whatever it is. He'd want you to.


    It feels like we lost something elemental, as if an entire color is gone. #DavidBowie


    This is the only uncool thing David Bowie has ever done.


    'David Bowie is trending'. Like he ever stopped.


    Thank you, David Bowie. Thank you for helping weird teenage me, and countless other like me, believe that being yourself is rock 'n' roll.


    can't help but feel like we're on the wrong side of the rapture right now.


    I think the thing I respect most about Bowie is his dramatic expansion of the acceptable boundaries of manhood in the public consciousness.


    Nothing has ever driven home the notion that we will all eventually die the way that David Bowie dying has.


    how come the greatest generation was the one that was all grim and wartimey and not the one that brought us david bowie


    If any artist deserved to rest on his laurels it was Bowie, but at 69 he kept making weird, smart, great music, and that's inspiring as hell


    Sorry if that's sacrilegious, but if you can make an album as good as Blackstar OVER FIFTY YEARS into your career, you're a god.


    thank you, david bowie, for embracing life's possibility and letting everyone else in on what doing so had to offer.


    "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie, who gave us all so much. RIP.


    art is about love and most artists forget that at some point and I don't think he ever did



    I wonder what all the Bowie being played right now would sound like if we could all hear them all at once.


    why in the world would you ever need to tame or hide any part of your truest self when you see the kind of hero that not doing that creates


    I know this sounds ridiculous, because it is, but I never thought David Bowie would die. such a force, a true artist, someone grappling.


    #DavidBowie Thank you for coming down to meet us. I think you blew our minds.


    Last Remaining Interesting Person Dies


    What Bowie taught us: Be kind. Be weird. Be creative. Be alien. Be open to transformation. So let's do that.


    I love how we all found Bowie at different times, and all met a different person. He was a Time Lord, and we were briefly his companions.


    Bowie left behind a ton of perfect music and a roadmap on how to challenge yourself in whatever you do/make. He was and is the greatest. RIP


    My Twitter is sad, because my Twitter is full of people who used to be the odd one out. And Bowie was the best odd one out of all.


    Be gentle today. To the freaks--& we are multitude--for whom Bowie was a patron saint, today is a day of deep loss. We just weren't ready.


    Me (nervously): Hi David, I'm the singer in The Charlatans. We're playing before you. Bowie (sweetly): I know Tim. I know. *Life made*


    We were so thrilled to have him back we failed to notice he was saying goodbye