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33 Of The Most Brutally Honest Kids' Notes Of All Time

We could all learn a thing or two from these kids.

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1. Yeah, THANKS MOM.

2. Hey, that's better than nothing, Teach.

3. You make it real hard for me to be at 100%!!!!!

4. You should get that checked out, Dad.

5. Yes, me and my digestive system thank you.

6. You said it, not me.

7. Annisa's gotta get paid.

8. Accept it, Dad. She just dose not.

9. She's just looking out for you.

10. Wise beyond his years.

11. Fair warning:

12. Ashley is calling the shots. Get it, girl.

13. GOT IT?

14. Hey, Big Guy, I think you misheard me.

15. (The strikethrough "love" is the kicker.)

16. You really are lucky.

17. Frankie keeps it real.

18. She's not a cool mom. :(

19. Buckets. Her tears are in BUCKETS.

20. Listen, man, I tried.

21. Mom, you should see someone about that butt problem.

22. Your move, parents.

23. P.S.S. Please slide my dinner under my bedroom door.


25. Right in the kisser.

26. Mom's got the life.

27. In case you forgot...


29. Stand up for yourself, Dad.

30. What were you THINKING?

31. This is the only advice you need in life.

32. Consider your choices carefully, Mother.

33. Oh, don't worry. We know.

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