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The 24 Greatest Facebook Burns In All Of Human History

Come for the friends, stay for the burns. Via r/facebookwins.

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1. The Ice Cold Burn:

2. The Literature Burn:

3. The Lasting Burn:

4. The Corrective Burn:

5. The Historic Burn:

6. The Clarifying Burn:

7. The Arnold Burn:

8. The Cursed Burn:

9. The Commercial Burn:

10. The Passenger Burn:

11. The Political Burn:

12. The Capital Burn:

13. The Ancient Burn:

14. The Taco Bell Burn:

15. The Heavy Burn:

16. The Truth Burn:

17. The Everlasting Burn:

18. The Mom Burn:

19. The Group Burn:

20. The Self Burn:

21. The Mutual Burn:

22. The Dad Burn:

23. The Price Is Right Burn:

24. And the perfectly executed Takei Burn:

For more, check out r/facebookwins!

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