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The Cast Of "Brink!" A Million Years Later

The eternal passage of time is EXTREMEEE.

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Andy 'Brink' Brinker played by Erik Von Detten

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

These days: Erik Von Detten and his swoon-worthy hair enjoyed a lot of success after Brink!. Most notably he played Josh Bryant in The Princess Diaries and lent his voice to Sid Phillips in the Toy Story series. Also, he's a dad!!!

Best Brink! quote: "When you woke up this morning, did you say to yourself 'Today I'm gonna talk' or 'Today I'm gonna skate'?"

Val played by Sam Horrigan

Disney-ABC Domestic Television,

These days: Sam Horrigan has appeared in quite a few high-profile shows since Brink!, including Desperate Housewives, Veronica Mars, and True Blood. He also was a contestant on the reality show Beauty and the Geek. (He was the beauty, if that's not obvious from his face)

Best Brink! quote: "Why is it that the losers are always in it for fun?"

Gabriella played by Christina Vidal

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Jc Olivera

These days: You probably remember seeing Christina Vidal in her starring role as Nickelodeon's Taina or as Lindsay Lohan's bandmate in Freaky Friday.

Best Brink! quote: "Say another word, and I'll hand you a body part."

Peter played by Patrick Levis

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Facebook: PatrickLevisMusic

These days: Patrick Levis had reoccurring roles on Disney's So Weird and, more recently, Nickelodeon's Fresh Beat Box Band. In 2013 he released a Christian Rock album called Extravagant God. Also, he's also a dad!!!

Best Brink! quote: "I have a mom and a Jerry. Do the math: That makes one parent."


Jordy played by Asher Gold

Disney-ABC Domestic Television

These days: I cannot seem to find a trace of Asher Gold anywhere on the Internet, but here's hoping he's thriving and crushing the private life.

Best Brink! quote: "There was sitting and staring. And afterwards, there was more sitting and staring. And for all I know, my parents are still in the living room, sitting and staring."

Arne played by Joey Simmrin

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Facebook: simmrin

These days: Joey Simmrin is the vice president of MDDN, a music media company specializing in publishing that was started by Good Charolette's Madden brothers. They work with Jessie J, Sleeping With Sirens, Anti-Flag, and more.

Best Brink! quote: "Hey Gabriella, ever been arrested for impersonating a boy?"

Ralph Brinker played by David Graf

Disney-ABC Domestic Television,

These days: Sadly, David Graf passed away in 2001. He will always be fondly remembered for his reoccurring role as Cadet Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy franchise.

Best Brink! quote: "You are defined by the company you keep and how well you keep it. Not by what you just happen to do."

Maddie Brinker played by Robin Riker

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Tasia Wells / Getty Images

These days: Robin Riker is the queen of daytime television. She's had starring roles on Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital.

Best Brink! quote: "Would you stop foraging? Sit down and eat something!"


Katie Brinker played by Katie Volding

Disney-ABC Domestic Television,

These days: Katie Volding had a reoccurring starring role in the ABC Family Original Au Pair trilogy. You may also remember her from Disney Channel's Smart House.

Best Brink! quote: "Can I give you some advice? Skate better."

*This photo may be a few years old.

Jimmy played by Geoffrey Blake

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Amanda Edwards / WireImage

These days: Geoffrey Blake has guest-starred in Criminal Minds, Franklin & Bash, and Grey's Anatomy. Bonus: Before Brink! he played Jenny's boyfriend Wesley in Forrest Gump.

Best Brink! quote: "So I guess the big question is are you ready to go big for Team XBladz?"

Boomer played by Walter Emanuel Jones

Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Tommaso Boddi / Getty

These days: *Screams* WALTER EMANUEL JONES WAS THE ORIGINAL BLACK POWER RANGER! He's also had roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI, and many more.

Best Brink! quote: "You lost the race to help me? Brink, man, I don't get you."

B.J. played by Jacob Elliott

Disney-ABC Domestic Television,

These days: Jacob Elliott has run a successful luxury real estate photography business for over 17 years. According to his LinkedIn profile picture, he is still incredibly good looking.

Best Brink! quote: *Is the strong, silent type*