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22 Of The Best Skateboarding GIFs In Honor Of "Go Skate Day"

It's June 21st! What are you doing on the internet? GO SKATE!

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1. The triathlete-in-training.

2. When Andy and Tony learned how to share.

3. Proof that dogs are man's best friend.

4. Skate-ception.

5. Anything William Spencer does on a skateboard because he's an actual circus monkey.

6. The kid who proves anyone can skateboard if you want it bad enough.

7. The tiniest skateboarder ever.

8. The biggest skateboard ever.

9. Cat box!

10. Obama making an unforgettable entrance.

11. The smoothest recovery.

12. The cat who couldn't be bothered to walk.

13. The perfect best friend trick.

14. The real reason they make longboards so long.

15. Billy Marks winning beer pong.

16. This pony teaching a dog how to skate.

17. The best feeling ever.

18. The firecrackin' collie.

19. A double reminder to never skate in the rain.

Bad for your bearings, friend!

20. This DIY parakeet park.

21. Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China.

22. Lil Wayne reminding everyone you gotta start at the bottom.

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