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    22 Teachers Who Know How To Take A Yearbook Photo

    Here's a lesson: Be more like these teachers.

    1. This English teacher, who believes poetry is all around us.

    2. This gym teacher, who doesn't tolerate horsing around.

    3. This teacher, who maybe shouldn't get lunch duty anymore.

    4. This teacher, who proves you can totally get away with handing in the same thing every year as long as you make minor changes to it.

    5. These teachers, who never miss an opportunity for a biology lesson.

    6. Including marine biology.

    7. These teachers, who demonstrate exactly how not to keep your hands to yourself.

    8. These teachers, who are each other's reasons for getting up in the morning.

    9. These teachers who may just be the J.D. and Turk of their school.

    10. ...Two years running.

    11. This history teacher, who takes his job very seriously.

    12. And this one who takes it one step further.

    13. This English teacher who loves all things literary, even graphic novels.

    14. This gym teacher who leads a rich home life, apparently.

    15. This teacher who knows a classic when he sees one.

    16. This science teacher who believes in examining things from every angle.

    17. This teacher who's mastered the over-the-right-shoulder look.

    18. And this one who's mastered the left.

    19. This science teacher who will out-nerd any nerd.

    20. These teachers who all forgot to shave for picture day.

    21. This drama teacher who is committed to method acting.

    22. And this teacher who is really a dog.