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    25 Things You'll Get If You're Kind Of Uncool

    Like the top side of the pillow: very uncool.

    1. People not knowing who you are:

    2. Misplaced praise:

    3. Having no idea why the whole class is laughing:

    4. Casual self-loathing:

    Show those haters how it's done by hating yourself most.

    5. Financial limitations:

    6. Absolutely no romantic prospects:

    3 years ago i DMed a girl on here. 3 years later we have each other blocked and this is a random pic i found on goo…

    7. An off-putting sense of humor:

    8. Lapses in intelligence:

    9. Having weird priorities:

    10. Being not great at comebacks:

    11. A touch of the old-social awkwardness:

    12. Wasting your own time:

    13. The occasional misunderstanding:

    14. OK, the frequent misunderstanding:

    15. *Rubs bridge of nose* The constant misunderstanding:

    16. Unbridled enthusiasm at the wrong times:

    Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe

    17. The all-too-common public mix-up:

    18. Knowing thyself:

    ME: I'm cool as hell JUDGE: might I remind the witness he is under oath ME: I suck ass

    19. Knowing thy place:

    20. Having little to no subtlety:

    21. The inability to let things go:

    22. Always searching for answers:

    23. Self-sabotage:

    24. Having parent-approved hobbies:

    25. And feeling like this 24 hours of the day:

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