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27 Slightly Annoying Things About Being A Girl

I'm not saying other people don't have it worse, I'm just saying being a girl is kind of a hassle.

1. When the underwire in your bra pokes you in the boob and turns your day into a constant struggle for comfort.

2. When this happens in public restrooms:

Or worse: When there's pee sprinkled all over the seat! Attention, females: Get it together.

3. High heels. Especially when they break and you have to hobble around like a newborn giraffe.

4. When your hair tie snaps and it throws you into a rage: / Via

It's always your last one. ALWAYS.

And you have to walk around with the dreaded hair dent of death all day.

Unless you can find a creative alternative.

5. When your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss.

6. When you need to bring a tampon to the bathroom.

Kotex / Via

7. When you cry and/or partake in acquatic activities while wearing mascara.

8. When you have to use the bathroom while wearing certain outfits.

Or a one-piece bathing suit, or a leotard, or a bodysuit, etc.

9. The wind.


11. When you don't realize you have lipstick on your teeth.

12. When you lose a significant amount of hair while removing barrettes. / Via http://Bravo

13. When this happens to your jewelry:

14. When you pay for a manicure and it chips the next day.

15. Anytime you run.

16. When your ponytail gives you a headache.

17. When you sit in a skirt and your naked ass touches the seat.

Subway seats, the worst.

18. When your earrings tug your ears.

19. When your low-rise jeans are really butt-crack jeans.

20. When you forget to take your necklace off in the sun.

21. When your stockings inevitably run less than two seconds after you buy them.

22. When you unknowingly buy pants with shallow pockets and you can't use them for anything.

23. When people comment that your bra is showing.

24. The existence of panty lines.

25. The existence of thongs.

Ya can't win.

26. When you have to shave. Everything.

27. When we get paid less than men.

More than slightly annoying, in my humble opinion.

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