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22 Signs You're Professionally Exhausted

Being tired is your full-time job. If only it paid...

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1. This is the worst thing that's ever happened to you. / Via

And it happens every day.

2. And this is the best.

And you look forward to it all day.

3. You can literally fall asleep on any surface.

As long as you're sleeping, you're happy.

4. The idea of going out and partying makes you long for your bed.

Can't we party in our dreams?

Can't we party in our dreams?


5. You cherish naps. CHERISH.

And take them at any opportunity, even if only for five glorious minutes. / Via

And take them at any opportunity, even if only for five glorious minutes.

6. The first thing you want to do after waking up on the weekends is go right back to sleep.

Forever and ever and ever.

7. There's about a 0% chance you'll make it through a movie without dozing off.

Dim theater lights, big puffy seats...forget it.

8. There's an even slimmer chance you'll stay awake after a few drinks.

Spontaneous nap time likely to occur.


9. You have one answer for people who ask about your hobbies.

And your second favorite thing to do is go back to sleep.

10. Bags under your eyes is your signature look.

Foundation, you have no power here.

11. You are jealous of babies because they can fall asleep wherever and whenever they damn well please.

Frickin' babies.

12. You find yourself "resting your eyes" throughout the work day.

You'll lower your risk of getting fired if you make a face that looks like deep, deep concentration.


13. When you think about your desires, dreams, and life goals, all you can think of is one thing.

At least you can say you accomplish your goals every night, right?

14. You always regret staying out late.

"Why did I think socializing would bring me more joy than my pillows?" —you.

15. You know this is only one-seventh correct. / Via

Every day is a day for sleeping.

16. No amounts of stimulants can combat your perpetual exhaustion. / Via

It's just who you are. Nothing will ever change that.


17. You get noticeably anxious when you realize you won't be able to sleep your normal amount for one reason or another. / Via

What's the point of having things to do if you can't sleep the amount you need?

18. You've tried exercising for more energy.

It only made you more tired.

19. You often wonder if you should get checked for some kind of deficiency.

Buuut you're too tired to make an appointment.

20. This is you right before bedtime.

Happy dancing.

21. This is you when someone tells you they have trouble sleeping.

Do you have trouble breathing too?

22. And this is you most of your life: