19 Signs You’re An Outdoorsy Person Trapped At Work

How many days until the weekend?

1. You’re the only one who managed to show up dry to work today.

2. You know taking the stairs every day will eventually pay off.

3. You can’t stop looking at your desktop background, which is a picture of you from last weekend’s hike

4. You packed your famous homemade trailmix for lunch.

5. You insist on eating it in the park even if no one joins you.

6. You keep wistfully staring out the window, trying to see any semblance of nature.

7. Work got too stressful so you took a 15 minute break to listen to a CD of nature sounds.

8. You don’t get why Nancy from sales isn’t impressed with your epic bug bite.

9. Your beard is your favorite part of your outfit today.

Well, everyday. But it looks especially bushy today.

10. You’re the one who’s been sticking these babies everywhere.

Even on the copy machine.

11. Three times today you had to pick a can out of the trash and put it in the recycling bin.

Three times!

12. This happened, and you haven’t bounced back emotionally since.

13. Your break room garbage can makes you disappointed in humanity.

14. Somehow, this has become part of your job description:

And you’re secretly feel pretty B.A. that no one else is brave enough to do it.

15. You just realized your boss isn’t using the reusable coffee mug you bought him.

What a jerk!

16. Really you’re just waiting for the weekend so you can throw on your favorite shoes…

17. Hit up one of your favorite weekend spots…

18. Grab a casual beer with some friends…

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