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19 Signs You Connect With Mr. Crocker On A Spiritual Level

The Fairly Odd Parents taught you one thing: There's a little Mr. Crocker in all of us.

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1. Subtlety is not your strong suit.

2. A slow internet connection is your worst nightmare.

3. You sometimes have trouble blending in.

4. You're not a people person.

5. You can't help but delight in others' misfortune.

6. Staying up with the latest trends isn't really your thing.

7. "Warm and fuzzy" doesn't exist in your lexicon.

8. You've posted some things to the internet that you're not proud of.

9. Admit it, you were never any good at math.

10. Or acting like a human.

11. You're quirky and you're not afraid to admit it.

12. School generally gives you anxiety.

13. Public speaking generally gives you anxiety.

14. Small confined places generally give you anxiety.

15. Driving generally gives you anxiety.

16. Social media generally gives you anxiety.

17. Giving gifts generally gives you anxiety.

18. Life generally gives you anxiety.

19. And you have an ear located on your neck.

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