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    24 Accidentally Hilarious Mistranslated Signs

    I don't think that means what you think it means.

    1. Something tells me that might make the fire worse.

    2. I got some at home, thanks!

    3. I think I can handle it.

    4. If you insist.

    5. Damn, put a curtain up or something!

    6. Is this a trap?

    7. Here, here!

    8. Then I'll play with this Slinky somewhere else.

    9. Please, please let this be a pool.

    10. I'm sorry, but we've only just met.

    11. This is the kind of constant validation I require.

    12. A wise man once said...

    13. I'll pass.

    14. Wow, someone please hide the ducks from this guy.

    15. My ex's favorite dinner!

    16. Got time for a quick launch?

    17. I'm suddenly not hungry.!n=54

    18. What a deal!!n=54

    19. Suuure, it's always an "accident."!n=54

    20. I beg your pardon.

    21. The worst kind.

    22. [Kindergarteners cheer]

    23. No one can save you now.

    24. This is either a creative store name or an unfortunate mistake.

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