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24 Significant Others Who Know How To Keep Things Interesting

Never a dull moment when you're dating one of these people.

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1. This girl who left a hidden message in her S.O.'s breakfast.

2. This guy who found his S.O.'s underwear and knew exactly what to do with it:

3. This guy who is keeping the romance alive in his relationship.

4. This guy who dressed up to give his S.O. a sexy surprise:

5. This girl who used a shower crayon to leave her S.O. a romantic message.

6. This girl who packed a special note in her S.O.'s lunch.

7. This guy who made his S.O. a "heart-shaped" pancake.

8. This guy who can't let a simple typo slide.

9. The guy who named his WiFI after his S.O.

10. The girl who makes sure she looks nice and sexy for her S.O. every Halloween.

11. The couple who left this message when housesitting for a friend.

12. The girl who made a jar full of reasons why she loves her S.O. and hit the nail on the head with this one:

13. The guy who did his best to surprise his S.O. by doing the chores.

14. This guy who speaks on behalf of his S.O.

15. This girl who made her S.O. hardboiled eggs for lunch and then presented them like this:

16. This guy who got his S.O. tickets to that thing she loves.

17. This girl who made the most accurate cake for her S.O.

18. This guy who tried to make his S.O.'s time of the month more fun.

19. This guy who subtly edited his S.O.'s home decor.

20. This guy who labeled a box in a language his S.O. could understand.

21. This girl who "left some French toast in the pan" for her S.O. before running out the door.

22. This girl who left a secret message hidden in her S.O.'s shampoo.

23. This guy who gave his S.O. something to remember him by while on a business trip.

24. And Kristen.

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