32 Pics That Prove Every Pet Owner Should Use Snapchat

    Do the right thing. Snap Sparky.

    1. For your boring Friday nights.

    2. For your lunch dates.

    3. For the big questions in life.

    4. To show how close you're getting.

    5. For blackmail.

    6. For your best puns.

    7. For snack time.

    8. For hide-n-seek.

    9. To intimidate other pet owners.

    10. Or warn them.

    11. To mock your own parents.

    12. To document nature in action.

    13. For your most private thoughts.

    14. And your least private moments.

    15. For evidence against them.

    16. For evidence against yourself.

    17. To reveal your pet's true identity.

    18. For an easy birth announcement.

    19. For meeting new friends.

    20. To capture the magic.

    21. For public humiliation.

    22. To stay connected.

    23. For cosmetic purposes.

    24. For nostalgia.

    25. For memes.

    26. For bonding time.

    27. For the love of Third Eye Blind.

    28. To express yourself.

    29. To show off.

    30. To threaten.

    31. For LOVE!

    32. And for selfies, obvs.