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21 Things That Fit Reeeaaal Good

Things fitting into other things is my sexual preference.

1. A rubber band around keys, are you KIDDING me?

2. That couch was birthed to fit that room. That's why it was born.

3. These wedding rings fit so well inside each other it feels like a heavy-handed metaphor.

4. Wow, a lot going on here!! And I'm into it!

5. This makes me believe that world peace is achievable.

6. Snug!!!

7. Is that custom? Are you a celebrity? Did you pay a million dollars for a bath mat that fits perfectly in your lil' tub nook?

8. *Exaggerated moaning*

9. Whoa my god, I am getting choked up.

10. !!!!!!!!!!!!

11. OK now I'm actually mad. How DARE this rug fit so well on these tiles? It's not fair!

12. Oh yeah, clean it REAL GOOD! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€

13. Who gave you the RIGHT?

14. George R. R. Martin def wrote these books so they'd fit in this shelf. It was a long con. The man's a genius.

15. Tissues!!!! In a cubby!!!! How!!!!

16. This one makes me nervous in a good way.

17. WOW. YES.

18. If you told me this iPhone case had a built-in quarter holder I'd be like, "That's weird, but I believe it based on the evidence!"

19. When you die and wake up in heaven they greet you with this exact snack combo.

20. If these suitcases married this trunk I would watch 13 seasons of the reality show about their lives.

21. I am. So. Happy. 😭😭😭

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