22 People Who Love Beer As Much As You Do

    Bet ya never thought it was possible.

    1. This gentleman who would never put down an unfinished beer, even if a scuffle broke out on his lap.

    2. This sports fan who can't be bothered to take off his horse mask if it means delaying the date between his lips and that brew.

    3. These snowed-in people who know a cooler when they see one.

    4. This guy who didn't balk at the opportunity to present to the world his one true love.

    5. And this guy who completely one-upped him.

    6. This restaurant owner who understands there's beer, and then there's beer.

    7. This snake who couldn't give a fuck about dehydration, honestly. He just wants to get his drink on.

    8. This marquee writer who moonlights as a poet.

    9. This baby who is counting down the SECONDS till her 21st birthday.

    10. This fan who knows a baseball in his beer doesn't make it undrinkable.

    11. This fashionable romantic.

    12. This cat who has to lap the beer off her human's lips because she doesn't have hands to crack open her own.

    13. This kid who knows there's not a moment to waste, because evaporation is a very real affliction.

    14. Daniel.

    15. This pub that understands that beer > soup.

    16. This dude who got a girlfriend just so he could use her as a coaster.

    17. Homer Simpson, who dreams the dream of beer gone awry.

    18. These innovators who figured out the answer to the age-old question, "Should we spend our money on furniture or beer?"

    19. And their classy neighbors.

    20. These forward-thinking beer pong players.

    21. This cat who knows who his real Buds are.

    22. And my future husband.