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31 Online Dating Fails That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Personal Life

It's a learning curve.

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1. This fashionista:

2. This biologist:

3. This graphic artist:

4. This flatterer:

5. This out-of-the-box thinker:

6. This not-so-sneaky teen:

7. This problem-solver:

8. This fish in the sea:

9. Lionel Richie:

10. This budding businessman:

11. This enthusiastic pet owner:

12. This master of disguise:

13. This rule breaker:

14. This guy who prefers strawberry filling:

15. This bad guesser:

16. This ornithologist:

17. These gamers:

18. This guilty doodler:

19. These two who can't find their rhythm:

20. This totally self-aware suitor:

21. This ray of sunshine:

22. This magic enthusiast:

23. These conversationalists:

24. Lucky Jake:

25. This honest man:

26. Cassie:

27. This daredevil:

28. This match made in heaven:

29. This lonely grandkid:

30. This joke killer:

31. And this forthcoming human being:

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