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16 People Who Are Nailing This Whole "Adult" Thing

Adulting done right.

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1. The guy who ran out of clean bowls and said "no problem."

2. The person who constructed this adult blanket fort.

3. The couple who improvised the perfect tree topper.

4. The guy who knew exactly how to spend his Friday night.

5. The guys who livened up a boring trip to Home Depot.

6. The dude who decorated his apartment the best way possible.

7. The couple who constructed an grown up-sized ball pit.

8. The dad who saw an opportunity for a burn and took it.

9. The guy who decided you're never to big for Big Wheels.

10. The woman who didn't care about what anybody thinks.

11. The mom who couldn't let her kid be an Ikea astronaut alone.

12. The woman who refused to use any other napkin.

13. The dad who figured out how to enjoy father-son time and burrito time.

14. The significant other who knows how to keep things interesting.

15. The dad who invented double-tasking.

16. And the guy who never lost a Guess How Many Jelly Beans contest in his life.

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